Toddler waking up early

Toddler waking up early: In the hot sunny weather my toddler Oliver has started waking up uber early, anytime after 5.30, which for me is just too early! My sister recommended trying a Gro Clock, that shows a picture of stars at bedtime & sunshine when it’s time to wake-up. Our friends Rob & Tim sent Oliver some amazon vouchers for his birthday so I decided to buy one & give it a whirl!


The concept is quite simple, stay in bed Oliver until you see the sunshine on the clock & I’m very surprised that he actually understands. We have initially set the sunshine for 6.30 & once we can achieve a ‘stay in bed’ until this time I might add on a few cheeky 5 minutes at a time. So far he has stayed in bed until the sunshine has appeared although he has still woken up early, I simply change his nappy, give him a fresh drink & pop him back into his cot. He calls out a few times & i just go in & reiterate the ‘wait for the sunshine message’ which seems to be working and decreasing in frequency. I must admit lifting Oliver in & out of the cot is becoming a bit of a struggle now he’s getting heavier & my bump is growing so I’m also seeing this as a step towards the big boy bed…


The Gro clock comes with a great little bedtime story book that explains the concept through a lovely farmyard story about a grumpy pig & also has the option of a digital clock for older children. I’d highly recommend it, this is the first week hubby & I have not had Oliver in our bed at 5.30 for weeks!!!!! Fingers crossed the success continues & we can get back to 7am. Michelle X

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