Gooseberry and Elderflower compote…

Gooseberry and Elderflower compote…

This Recipe is from Florence’s wonderful ‘Jaja’ – My Mum.
Throughout our family and friends, she is known as a bit of a dessert extraordionaire, so when she made this the other day I just HAD to blog it.
350g gooseberries topped and tailed
Elderflower cordial diluted as for a drink or water to come up halfway to depth of gooseberries
3 dessertspoons brown sugar (gooseberries can be quite tart so best to taste once cooked and add more sugar if need be)

Bring all the above to the boil and on medium heat cook uncovered til fruit is soft
Set aside to cool
To serve..
With dollop of thick double cream or creme fraiche
And.. A glass of dessert wine!

This compote can be used as a filling for a pie, a fool when custard and double cream is stirred through, a topping for cheesecake, a crumble base, a filling with a layer of double cream in a Victoria sponge….etc

We always try to cook in season when we can, so head to your nearest grocery shop and stock up on some delicious Gooseberies.

Thanks for the recipe Jaja!

Daisy x



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