Flossie’s mini steam train adventure

Flossie’s mini steam train adventure

I have had a cold for a couple of days and decided I was in need of some ‘ME’ time.
I left Florence with Jon for some Daddy daughter time and I went off for a few hours at the Country club Wickwoods-yes!!
I managed to squeeze in a gym session, play some tennis and have a gorgeous swim.
Feeling fresh I called Jon to see where they were and he said they were just about to jump on a train at Hove Park!
I got down there just in time to see them jump on the back of the train.. They are really beautiful and the people running it are clearly passionate about them.
Jon looked more excited than Florence-this is the ultimate boys toy!
After a few laps, (stopping at traffic lights and all) they slowly drive in and although Florence looks slightly nervous she was very proud when she jumped off and told me all about it!
There are only a couple of weekends left so get down there… Florence was free and jon paid £1.
Daisy x

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