Silent Reflux continued:

Silent Reflux continued: Charlotte was significantly better with the baby Gavisgon; however it was a struggle to get her to ingest the volume of medication recommended & she was vomiting quite a lot of it back up.

After 3 days & a whole lot more screaming I decided a trip to the GP was in order. Our doctor was again very reassuring about Charlottes obvious discomfort & recommended a different treatment Ratinidine, the doctor was so lovely & helpful, she even called our local supermarket to reserve the prescription. We noticed a difference in Charlotte within 24 hours & had our first 3 hours sleep since Charlotte was born.. Pure bliss!

I won’t say it’s been a miracle cure but Charlotte has been much more comfortable, the crying has significantly reduced & she’s been sleeping for up to 4 hours. Our Dr has been very proactive & has been liaising with me every few days to monitor Charlottes progress. We had a much better week until Saturday when once again we were up all night. I was pretty convinced that it was constipation & the results on Sunday morning following some gentle tummy massage confirmed that it was. Our GP has been superb but I was keen to see a paediatrician again to chat through my concerns & ensure that Charlotte was receiving the best treatment.

We saw a paediatrician at the Gatwick Park hospital yesterday who was reassuringly confident that Charlotte does have a silent reflux & nothing more sinister. He also gave me some helpful tips for my diet as I’m breast feeding i.e avoid legumes, onions, garlic, chilli, alcohol, & some helpful tips to ensure her comfort, gentle winding, light fastening on the nappy, no tightness-pressure on the tummy. We where also given some Domperidone for the sickness & constipation; however Charlotte had an adverse reaction to the medication & we had to stop it after two nights of toe curling screaming! We have now been advised to move to lactose.

Its heart wrenching when your child is in pain or upset but I’m persistent & won’t give up until my daughter is better. The only saving grace is that although 50% of all babies will experience some reflux during their first three months, by the age of 10 months the number of babies experiencing reflux will have dropped to around 5%.

I’m reading a controversial but great book called Colic Solved, which suggests that most, if not all cases of Colic are actually caused by acid reflux? I can only share my own experience with Charlotte but I’d love to hear your story of Colic or reflux with your child, just think you could help another mummy or baby. Thank you in advance.. Michelle X

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2 thoughts on “Silent Reflux continued:

  1. Lucretia

    Hi Michelle,
    Sorry to hear your little one has reflux. My daughter had severe reflux (both mechanical and dairy intolerance) and it was hell! I’m glad you have a good doctor, mine refused to give me ranitidine as she had never prescribed it before and I ended up in A & E as I my daughter was obviously in a lot of pain and no one would do anything about it. The paediatrician we saw eventually gave me ranitidine and said if it didn’t work then my daughter didn’t have reflux. Well it didn’t work but that was because the dose was so low that it wouldn’t work on anyone!
    I had to go private as I couldn’t be referred to a paediatrician as my daughter was still putting on weight. Its the best thing I did. I saw Dr Butt at gastro paediatrician and he assured me that my daughter did have reflux and prescribed Omeprazole which reduced the symptoms by about 50%. She also went on a special milk powder.
    The other thing that really helped was weaning her early, we started at 17 weeks and it made a big difference.
    I wish you luck and just remember that it won’t last forever! (It just feels that way!) xx

    1. Michelle Post author

      Oh thank you for sharing, I’m not sure the Ranitidine is working for us, we have had 3 awful days & nights with lots of crying. Our private paediatrician is working tomorrow so if tonight is the same we have a plan for tomorrow. It’s SO hard when your tiny baby is so unhappy, we’ve had periods of inconsolable crying it’s heartbreaking but I’m happy to hear from other mummies that it WILL pass, Thank You!! Xx


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