Tooie’s kittens arrive on Easter Day!

Tooie’s kittens arrive on Easter Day!

Flossie was still asleep in bed on this rare occasion! Jon and I were just about ready to wake up when I heard a little squeak come from my ‘handbag corner’.
I whacked Jon in shock- which woke him up instantly and screamed/whispered that the kittens must have been born!! Well! I was close… One had been born and it was the start of a short labour for our lovely cat Tooie.
Within two hours five little kittens were born, 2 tortoise shell and 3 ginger.
We didn’t tell Flossie till the evening before bed so that Tooie could have a day of peace but when we told her she was so excited she called Jaja to say that the kittens had come out.
I cannot stop taking pictures they are so cute.
Florence has temporarily named them Orange, Orange 2, Orange 3, Blackie, Blackie 2!
A lovely way to start Easter
Hope you all had a great weekend
Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon

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