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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

Why Cellular Blankets?


Cellular blankets are the ONLY blankets recommended for newborn babies (the ones that hospitals use). Cellular blankets have small holes in them and keep your baby warm without the danger of them overheating. The clever 'cell' construction traps air to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.


Meet The Team



5 words come into my head a few times every day “kids won’t change our life”. My husband said this to me regularly during my pregnancy. He hasn’t said it for a while now… 3 years to be exact.

Before we had Florence, we were a work-hard party-hard duo with not a care in the world.. I had been keen to start trying for a baby about a year after we were married, Jon was in no rush. So when in France on a big family holiday (a few years later!!) he said he was ready, I was thrilled/nervous… This could really happen now.. And it did, first time! I had a wonderful pregnancy, and Florence must have had a wonderful time too because she didn’t want to come out! Two weeks overdue and we decided with the head doctor of the hospital that we would opt for a c-section! When I asked when he could do it, he looked at his watch and said he could fit me in, in about half an hour… Very scary! We didn’t know what we were having and when they pulled (and pushed and pulled) her out, they said congratulations it’s a boy… Oh no… Actually it’s a girl! So we welcomed little (9lb8) Florence into the world.

Despite it being exhausting at times it really is the best big change of our life that we could ever have hoped for. Florence has always been ahead of her time, eager to be moving! At 6 months she was crawling, 11 months.. walking and now she is running (away from me most of the time) and climbing on everything.

Because Florence is my first, I have scoured the Internet on pretty much every subject from birth to now and am always surprised at how little there was/is that I am looking for. It was amazing fate that Michelle my BBP (Best Business Partner) came with her own baby to the opening of a family country pub that we had just bought. Her baby that was 1 week younger than Florence! Since then we have been pretty inseparable and compare all our knowledge and purchases daily.
Follow us on our journey through motherhood… Kids definitely do change your life, they change it for the better.



I’d never considered even having children until I was 30, and then as predicted by my old boss (Yes, you Neil), something happened and the unexpected NEED arrived! After 6 months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive and becoming quite ill (probably due to the horrendous hours I worked) I quit my AMAZING job and on my first official day of freedom, discovered (after attempting to have a cup of coffee and having to spit it out), that yes in fact I was already pregnant. Stunned I took myself off to the bookshop and bought 3 pregnancy books, one of which I wrapped for my hubby.

When Ben arrived home, I handed him the gift and he was confused by the title ‘Pregnancy for men the whole 9 months'. You’ll be needing that I said, ‘I’m pregnant’. All of the blood drained from his face and I did think he would actually pass out – Not quite the response I was looking for! After 15 years of just us enjoying the finer things in life, I’ll let him have that one!

I’m delighted to say that finally Ben recovered from the shock and quickly embraced our new journey together. In true Michelle style I started researching and planning the pregnancy with military precision. Despite the complete readiness (nursery, washing all clothes twice and wardrobe organised in size order, on matching hangers – of course), the baby was not budging! Yes I tried every single remedy to instigate the birth but he was comfy. My labour finally started two weeks after the due date, after a massage from my acupuncturist. The birth was not quite the relaxing water birth I had ‘planned’ but with a lot of help from a large team of people and two anaesthetists (my apologies to the first one, I was not very polite after two failed epidurals) our baby was delivered, and we were delighted to hear we had a not so little (9lb8) baby boy, Oliver Benjamin White.

My initial start to motherhood wasn’t quite the walk in the park/ feeding the ducks experience I had imagined, as I was really quite ill after a difficult delivery. However, after a reality check and lots of support and encouragement from my mum and my hubby I agreed, I needed to rest. I never did understand how to relax properly until I had my son, but could then spend hours just sitting and watching him breathe. He’s given me a new appreciation for life and a completely new perspective of what’s really important to me.

Meeting Daisy and Florence was like a breath of fresh air. Daisy taught me to put down the baby log spreadsheet, stop reading the books, pick up a nice glass of vino & relax. In November 2013 I also had a beautiful baby girl Charlotte who is my little sugar plum fairy. Charlotte has given me plenty of blog material as she has had reflux & a milk protein intolerance but she really has completed our family. Oliver is besotted with his little sister and Charlotte is equally in complete admiration of her brother. The transition to two was a bit of a shock to the system but now it's hard to imagine life before. The rest, well you will just have to wait and see...

Michelle x