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Feeding the ducks - Free activities for toddlers!


Feeding the ducks - Free activities for toddlers! Walking with the children transports me back to my own childhood, splashing in the puddles, running through crispy leaves and hunting for squirrels to feed, life was simple and fun. Our toddlers have lots of energy and love being out-doors, so we try and find new places to visit to keep the mummies interested and the toddlers entertained. Feeding the ducks

If it’s a nice day (or the rain holds off long enough), we grab the wellies and head to our nearest pond. We are usually lucky enough to see a few ducks or some geese, if not we have fun trying to find fairies and goblins!

We love taking Florence and Oliver to our local pond in Lower Beeding, it is very simple, quiet and pretty in a rustic way. It is a great way to use up the left over bits of bread and we usually bring the children a few sandwiches so that we can take our time and don’t have to rush, although the majority of the time the cheeky little ones like to eat the duck’s lunch…

To make the walk more interesting we bring a plastic bucket and ask the children to collect things in them, some leaves, a stone, sticks, a feather, it keeps them occupied. On the next rainy day we either do some leaf painting/printing or make a picture out of the things we have collected. Making dens out of fallen branches and leaves is always a winner, Daddies are usually best for this.

Here is a great link where you can print off walks all around Sussex.