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Finger painting - Free activities for toddlers!


Finger painting - Free activities for toddlers! Yes I can hear it already, paint in the house.. Ok perhaps that’s just me? I do get a little apprehensive about the looming mess although I think I have finally cracked it!

What is in this blue pot...

Equipment: Paper Finger paint Paint brush Large plastic bowl (for hand washing) Tea towel Lots of patience


I’m not sure there is one, but happy to share our experience..

Oliver had just finished breakfast and was particularly calm, Dadda was asleep (as he had just had 3 early shifts with Oliver, whilst mumma slept), and I was still in my PJ’s. So I popped on the delightful neon green apron with arms that I bought in IKEA, gathered a few sheets of paper, a paint brush and just one pot of finger paint. Oliver was immediately intrigued by the blue pot and positively squealing by the time the lid was off. I decided the safest route was to let him scoop the excess paint off of the lid (I’m not sure if that makes me a cruel mummy or just sensible, but hey ho!). His excitement was infectious, he giggled when he touched the paint and quickly his hands were completely blue and it was oozing between his fingers. I reached for the paintbrush and brushed off some of the excess and led his hands to the paper. He absolutely LOVED it!


He quickly wanted more paint and was desperate to get hold of the actual pot, although we stuck to just the lid, it was our first time painting un-aided i.e. without the help of Dadda or Nanna. I moved his fingers around the paper and I talked to him about painting aeroplanes, yes probably a bit advanced but when he looks at his creation on the fridge he refers to it as ‘up sky’ which really does melt me every time.


After two abstract pictures or ‘up sky’ we attempted hand prints and I have to say it all went smoothly. I stopped at 4 pictures as the attention span was starting to dwindle. I filled a large plastic bowl with a little warm water and washing-up liquid and let him clean his hands, if I’m honest he probably enjoyed washing his hands as-much as the painting.



I did have to remove the water after a few minutes as the dog was starting to get wet, which might I add created a rather large tantrum... but thankfully it passed when I showed him his gorgeous new creations- Michelle