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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

ABEILLE LOVES - March 2013


ABEILLE LOVES are our must have items that we love/couldn’t live without. A new baby is a daunting experience and the variety of products a minefield, the sheer volume of choice can be overwhelming. We have both scoured the internet for hours researching products for each and every stage of our babies’ development. We will be sharing our top 10 each month. Our first ABEILLE LOVES focus ‘on the new born stage, in no particular order here they are… Enjoy!


EWAN the Sheep – ‘The greatest sleep aid ever’

‘Ewan the Sheep’ was a gift from our neighbour when I was pregnant. We have played the harp music to Oliver during the bedtime routine (when we go into the nursery after the bath) since he was born and are still using it 19 months later, we all ‘LOVE’ him dearly… An additional bonus is that ‘Ewan the sheep’ is also very light weight and portable so great for when we are staying with friends or travelling to maintain continuity of the routine when you are not at home – Michelle

Ewan the dream sheep

Jellycat Soft toys – ‘Gorgeous soft toys’

My daughter Florence had the baby jelly cat bunny from day one, we couldn’t go anywhere without it. It is so soft and well made, it was the perfect item for buggy, car seat and cot for when they are not really playing with things, just grabbing at things!! She never needed a comfort toy/blanket but if she did this would be my choice – Daisy



John Lewis ‘ baby’ – ‘Beautiful baby essentials’

John Lewis sell a fabulous ‘own brand’ range of white essentials. I had some gorgeous small clothes personalised on-line for my baby and he never got to wear them as he was far too big when he was born; however the babygros & vests I bought from John Lewis were amazing, they washed really well maintaining their pristine whiteness despite the attempts my son made to taint them – Michelle

John Lewis baby


Funky Giraffe Bibs – ‘The best baby bibs’

Traditional style square bibs are typically quite large and cumbersome. The FGB’s are not only smaller and lighter but I would go as far to say, more comfortable for the babies (as they aren’t as heavy). They are truly gorgeous and are available in a variety of colours so you can match them to the outfit. They are also great for the later teething stages if your child still dribbles a lot as they aren’t too babyish – Daisy

FGB bibs


Gap – ‘Triple roll ‘Wonderful baby/toddler socks’

Again a recommendation from other mums, the GAP triple roll socks that have a ‘triple roll’ that helps keep them on the babies feet. All too often baby socks fall off (or are pulled off) and you lose them, However we have yet to lose a single one. They also have grips underneath which is great if you have a tile/ wooden floor as this makes it safer when running around (they are less likely to slip), I still use these now – Michelle

GAP triple roll


Sheepskin – ‘Fabulous, keeps baby warm in the winter, cool in the summer’

I could not have lived without this, when Florence was first born I thought she would break just from the wind blowing her hair. This placed in my wonderful bugaboo made it feel so much more snug. I used it throughout summer and winter as Sheep’s wool is heat regulated so in the summer it kept her cool and winter warm. Highly recommended – Daisy

TIP: A sheepskin keeps your baby warm in the winter, cool in the winter and is very comfortable. We have both used these for the babies and wouldn’t be without them.



Bugaboo – ‘Simply the best stroller/travel system’

I have been truly delighted with my bugaboo, it’s perfect for bumpy country walks (as you can swivel the handle and push it easily through the bumpy uneven fields) or a casual walk through the town, I really couldn’t fault it. I might as well be a patron for Bugaboo. If I got commission for every mum-to-be I spoke to I would be loaded! I have become so determined that they have to buy a Bugaboo, simply because they are the best. You will not be disappointed if you choose this buggy-it is wonderful – Daisy



Marks and Spencer – ‘Gorgeous New born range’

Buying the first clothes for your new born is such an exciting time and again overwhelming as you tend not to know the size or the sex. Marks and Spencer do a fabulous range of the comfy basics that I loved. They also sell a 10 piece starter set ‘Ideal for new arrivals, this cute and practical set contains: 2 bodysuits, 3 sleepsuits, 2 bibs, 1 pair of mittens, 1 pair of booties and 1 hat. A great value pack in soft comfy cotton’ – Michelle

TIP: I underestimated the rate in which new babies grow and often found that my son had suddenly out grown his vests and sleep suits, so I would recommend always buying an extra packet of the next size sleep suits and vest just in case, as I often found I’d be sending my mum out for the next size at the last minute. Marks and Spencer have a great range of sleep suits (with integrated scratch mitts – which are very handy as scratch mitts often fall off and get lost, well mine did anyway).



AVENT - ‘Simple to use breast pump’

After being released from hospital saying Florence was breast feeding perfectly I was overjoyed that I had cracked it! 2 days later my midwife visited and informed me that I had a starving baby on my hands and that in fact Florence had not latched on at all!
 Panic stations!! I sent Jon off immediately to get a breast pump and some formula just in case! He came back with the AVENT electric pump and I expressed straight away! Milk came out quickly and Florence loved the bottle so although I tried every feed to revert back she was like, “no way, this is much easier!) – Daisy

AVENT breast pump


Alanwright photography – New born photo shoot

I was a little apprehensive about spending money on photographs; however it’s the BEST investment I have ever made, the pictures are priceless! The photo shoot took place when Oliver was 12 days old and are utterly wonderful! Alan who clearly has a natural affiliation with babies, he is very patient and I think the relaxed atmosphere comes across in tranquillity of the pictures. I really can’t stress enough how precious these pictures are – Michelle

TIP: Newborns are best photographed within 2 weeks of arrival. So if you’re expecting now it’s a good time to consider booking in a session. Generally when newborns reach 2 weeks old they become much less sleepy and more alert which can in turn makes them harder to pose.


We will only ever recommend an item or service if it has been tried, tested and ultimately ‘LOVED’ by Michelle, Oliver, Daisy, Florence or one of our trusted ABEILLE panel of mummies.