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Breast Feeding the REAL figures


Breast Feeding the REAL figures: Breast is best for your baby and there are many benefits for mummy too, click here to read a fabulous article highlighting the benefits. But lets be honest, not all mummies find it easy & many mummies cannot or chose not to breast feed, It really is a very personal choice. Many mummies feel very guilty about this but let's have a look at the REAL figures to understand...

The NHS Information Centre performs its Infant Feeding Survey every five years. The figures from the 2010 survey were published in November 2012. The 2010 figures show some significant improvements from the 2005 survey. Click here to see the full report I have summarised the key findings below:

Babies breastfed at birth 81% (from 76% 2005) Note: This includes all babies who were put to the breast at all, even if this was on one occasion only, and also includes giving expressed breast milk.

Exclusive breastfeeding One week: 69% ( up from 35% in 2005) Six weeks: 55% ( up from 21% in 2005) Three months: 17% (up from 13% in 2005) Four months: 12% (up from 7% in 2005) Six months: 1% (1% in 2005)

Any breastfeeding Six weeks 55% (48% in 2005) Six months 34% (25% in 2005)

We are interested to understand why mummies stop breast feeding or don't continue. Is it because you had difficulties, was it a natural transition or was it just not what you expected it to be?

Daisy & I both struggled with breast feeding and we will be sharing our stories over the next two days. I've already sent one letter to the NHS to help raise awareness of cluster feeding (see my post in the next few days for more details) and I'd be happy to send a few more, if you think there is an information gap please share your story, you never know it may help another mummy and we would be delighted to hear from you........ Michelle x