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Breastfeeding - Daisy


Breastfeeding - Daisy: So I found out I was going to be a mummy! So exciting, but petrifying at the same time. Whilst visiting the doctor (expecting them to be jumping up and down with joy for me) she said congratulations... Have you thought about breastfeeding? And that was pretty much the most important topic with anyone medical/midwifes/Internet throughout the rest of my pregnancy! Now I have always been a bit of a rebel so when someone tells me I HAVE to do something I usually flip the other way. No one is going to make me do anything I don't want to do! Florence was delivered by C-section and they positioned her on me straight away to breast feed... Then another midwife came along and said I was doing it wrong and re-positioned, this happened a couple more times and eventually when I was discharged they wrote in my notes.. Mum breastfeeding-Baby feeding well. It was only two days later when I had a home visit from the midwife that she said (in her actual words) "we have a starving baby on our hands" she informed me that I hadn't even produced the colostrum yet... And tried getting it out of me, quite brutally! I in the meantime was very upset and didn't care about anything other than Florence getting milk in her.. After all I have just been told she is starving!! So Jon went to the shop under strict instructions, mission to get a breast pump with bottles to match and a box of formula just in case it didn't work.

My midwife was not happy about the purchase of formula even being in the house, lost brownie points for that! Thankfully after setting up the breast pump and attaching it to me (not the romantic picture I had in my head at all!) the colostrum spurted out and I produced the milk (a lot!) very quickly. Florence was great and got used to the bottle pretty quickly.

I literally pumped and fed every day for 3 months, I actually liked the control I had over my milk and that Jon could join in too. My midwife only thought I would last a couple of weeks so I was determined to prove her wrong. I have actually recommended this method to a few friends who had similar problems to me or didn't like the idea of breast feeding. I used the Avent electric breast pump. Daisy xxx