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Chocolate Easter Nests


Chocolate Easter Nests: I adore Easter time, baby lambs, daffodils and an excuse to over indulge. I used to make these Chocolate Easter Nests with my mum when I was small and they always made Easter such a special time. I decided to make a ¼ of the usual recipe and make them mini muffin size as I was keen to ensure Oliver didn’t have too much of a sugar rush, although we did make one large one for Dadda. Mini eggs are quite large so consider biting/cutting them in half to avoid a choking risk.Chocolate Easter Nests Ingredients ¼ normal-size box of Shredded Wheat (4 large biscuits or 125g bite size biscuits) 150g milk chocolate, supermarket own-brand is fine 1 x 100g bags of mini eggs Mini muffin cases Mini muffin tray Hoover on stand-by for clean-up Lots of patienceIngredients

Method: Crush the Shredded Wheat biscuits into a bowl using your hands, Oliver loved doing this and it kept him occupied for about 15 minutesOliver crushing the shredded wheat

Break the chocolate into pieces and place into a bowl and sit above a pan of water that is on the lowest simmer possible. The chocolate should melt very slowly and take around 10 minutes (enough time to let the little ones break the biscuits)Oliver and the chocolate

Pour the melted chocolate into the bowl and mix with the crushed Shredded Wheat. Oliver wasn’t keen to give up the bowl so I gave him a smaller bowl with some of the shredded wheat for him to play withOliver mixing/eating the shredded wheat

When mixed and all the Shredded Wheat is covered with chocolate, spoon the mixture into muffin cases and press down in the middle of each to create a place for the mini eggsMixture into mini muffin cases

Press one mini egg into each nestMini eggs into nests.. well almost!

Leave to set for at least 2 hours (or less if refrigerated), whilst you tidy-up...Oliver hoovering..

These were delicious and just the right size for small tummies – Michelle x