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Day 1 Night time, Should I continue to settle my baby with a bottle of milk?


Day 1 Night time, Should I continue to settle my baby with a bottle of milk? Over dinner I discussed the strategy with my hubby and he was very supportive, although when it comes to preparing the milk in a bottle with a toddler cap he becomes quite emotional.  I am actually really surprised and wasn’t expecting this reaction; I thought I was the only one who wanted Oliver to be a baby forever. It appears I am wrong...  Ben’s reaction makes me sad, but I swallow the large bubble in my throat and tell him I need the support. I would love Oliver to be a baby forever, but we must be strong and focus on all of the new and exciting things we have to look forward to, not dwell on what we will be losing – Who am I trying to convince!  Ben agrees and prepares the milk in a beaker and the water in the bottle but his teary eyes tell a different story... I feel bad.

Oliver has a little sip of milk from the cup, says no and asks for the bottle, he doesn't seemed bothered by the fact that's its water but he has eaten very well today (i.e. volume, still  not eating veggies as I would hope, despite the heart carrots). Oliver finished the first bottle of water & asked for another which I gave him, he promptly went to sleep.