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Easter Egg Painting


Easter Egg Painting: We decided to brave the task of Egg painting with the toddlers, yes I know it sounds a little far-fetched but I’m delighted to say we all had a wonderfully messy time.The beautifully painted Eggs

Equipment: Eggs (we used Duck eggs because they are larger but any eggs will do) Paintbrushes Child friendly paints (water based) Small bowls of water Lots of tea-towels to mop up the water Flour (if you’re using large eggs) Two more small bowls or egg cups Equipment & inspiration

Method: Egg preparation: You can either hard-boil the egg or blow out the contents, we chose the latter 'Click here' to see how.

Painting the eggs: We decided to let the toddlers warm-up by letting them play with small bowls of water, the paint, some brushes. Preparation...

We stood the large eggs in small bowls of flour as they were too big for egg cups and this also provided a soft cushion for the fragile canvas. The virginal egg

Florence and Oliver enjoyed playing with the flour as much as they enjoyed painting the eggs. Great way to balance an egg! Make sure to lay down a plastic sheet or newspaper! Oliver having fun

We let Florence and Oliver have creative control when decorating... Creative Florence

"Florrie just keep on smiling and they will NEVER know we have poured flour everywhere" Florence & Oliver having fun

Mummies stayed close and Nanna was on stand-by for emergency mop-ups... Mummies helping

We celebrated our successful egg painting with a run around the beautiful grounds of the Crabtree and finished off with warm babychino’s (warm milk in espresso cups) Babychino  break

All of the beautiful pictures in this post were taken by our AMAZING photographer Alan Wright Photography click here to view Alan's website.AWP_Logo_CMYK_GradBG