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Easter Gift Bags


Easter Gift Bags: I wanted to create a unique Easter gift for my sons friends & our family. I was inspired by marks and spencer who presented chocolate Easter eggs in a huge egg box, delightful but a little pricey when you have 8 children to buy for. So I decided to buy the large packs in all different sizes & get creative, it was great fun and the recipients have so far been delighted with the resultsEaster Gift Bags Equipment: Old egg boxes Multi packs of chocolate eggs (various sizes) Paper bags Shredded tissue paper Scissors Card Ribbon Hole punch A sleeping toddlerBags, Eggs & Chicks

Method Gift bags: I started by cutting the egg boxes as I decided two chocolate eggs, the size of actual eggs would be more then enoughCut egg boxes Fold any raised edges so that the egg holders are all the same sizeFold sides Pop the shredded tissue paper in the bagShredded tissue paper in bag Part the tissue paper and place the egg box into the centre of the bagEgg box in Place the two main eggs into the egg box Ensure you have a tightly packed the shredded tissue paper around the egg boxEggs into the bag Add a sprinkle of the various sized chocolate eggs on the tissue paper surrounding the two main eggsSprinkle eggs Finally add an Easter chick..Add the cheeky chick

Tags: Cut 8/ the desired amount of small rectangle pieces of card Hole punch the ends to enable the ribbon to be threadedTags Write the names on the tags Thread through the ribbon Tie onto the bags Trim the edgesTrim Viola!Easter Gift Bags