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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

Essentials baby list


Essentials baby list: When I was pregnant I was overwhelmed by the huge choice of equipment/ clothes and gadgets you can buy for a newborn. It’s difficult to know exactly where to start. We have compiled a simple 'PRINT ME' Essentials baby list based on our own experience as mummies and below have explained the reasoning behind our selection. We hope this will help you make an informed decision. Our ‘ABEILLE LOVES’ details specific items and brands we know and trust, so have a peek at that too. If you have any questions about any of the items, please just ask. Michelle

Essentials baby list

Baby bath I bought a baby bath that sat on top of my bath, as I suffered with a back before Oliver was born. We also used an Ergonomic Bath Support that you rest that baby in.
Bedding 4 fitted moses basket sheets (Can also be used as sheets for pram) 2 cellular blankets moses/crib size 4 fitted cotbed sheets (if you get a cotbed) 2 flat sheet 2 large cellular blankets
Breastfeeding pillow I bought a horseshoe shaped breast feeding pillow which is great to help support you whilst breast feeding and also really handy for when baby starts sitting up
Breast pads I would recommend buying breast pads with the indent for the nipples, a little more expensive but a lot more comfortable.
Breast pump A must have for me, I was always engorged at 5am, Oliver would feed from one side and go back to sleep, I expressed the other side and either used it as a top up at night or to give me a rest (Daddy feed). Handy to buy before the baby arrives as putting together can be tricky initially.
Bottles You will need these for the breast pump or if bottle feeding, pick a light flow teat for new born. I used a haberman bottle, it is worth investing, if breast feeding as the baby must suckle and work hard to get the milk (recommended by The Baby Whisperer as the best bottle for breast-fed babies).
Car Seat I bought a car seat with family fix for my car and a car seat without isofix for hubby’s car. Worth looking at the range of car seats that attach with the isofix point to ensure you don’t need to buy additional isofix when your little one grows out of the car seat. (ensure isofix point can be used for all stages)
Cellular blanket (see Bedding) *must have* For newborn babies, cellular blankets (the ones the hospitals use) are best. Cellular blankets have small holes in them and keep your baby warm, without the danger of them overheating.
Changing mat I bought a changing mat with a white flannel cloth covering, great for comfort – (plastic ones can be cold on bare bottoms, although a muslin/ small towel over the top is more than sufficient).
Changing table Our changing table was bought as part of our nursery set, but you can also get attachments for the top of cots or easily just use the floor/bed.
Clothes People will probably buy you clothes as gifts but handy to have a ‘travelling home outfit’, some plain vests/ sleep suits/ socks, hat, mittens and a baby blanket (I recommend packing a few sizes – I bought all new born and Oliver was too big to fit into them but luckily I had quite a selection of sizes packed in the hospital bag).
Cot Our cot is a cotbed, so the sides can be removed and it becomes a bed when the baby is ready.
Cot Mattress A varied choice of mattresses are available, I upgraded to a slightly better one but not the most expensive.A new mattress is always recommended for a new baby.
Cot mattress protector *must have* The mattress protector has certainly come in handy, you will be surprised by the huge amount of mess that a tiny baby makes
Cotton Wool Midwives recommend just using cotton wool for the first 6 weeks, where possible. The large balls and squares are handy as the pleats can be a bit fiddly when holding baby’s legs with one hand and trying to wrestle cotton wool with the other.
Change bag Your new handbag! Worth putting an emergency £20 and a few pound coins in the zip part of your bag, the amount of times I used them... Nappies Wipes Vaseline / nappy rash cream Nappy bags Suntan cream Change of clothes for baby (vest/ babygro/ socks) Muslin Bib Little bag with mummy’s sanitary wear Sanitising hand wash/hand wipes for mummy Water for mummy Snack for mummy
Dummies/ Soothers People either love them or hate them, but worth having one if all else fails.
Fleece/ Sheepskin Great for use in the car set and stroller, the fleece keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer, a great investment.
Hairbrush/Comb My little one was born with lots of hair, so worth having in the cupboard; we bought a comb and brush set in the supermarket
Monitor We bought a brand which detects the baby’s movements and sounds and have been delighted with it.
Moses basket Wonderful for newborns as you can put the baby to sleep wherever you are (portable room to room), we didn’t buy a stand as we had a crib in our room but you can buy a stand and use it as a crib. Recommend that you get 4 fitted sheets and a few flat sheets (or cover in a large muslin for a quick change).
Mobile We didn’t use the mobile until Oliver moved into his cot, so not needed initially’ however helpful once they move into their own room
Muslins squares (Dribble cloths) *must have* You can buy these is supermarkets/department stores and stock up as you will use lots! Great if you’ve forgotten a bib, to mop up anything and to cover your modesty when breastfeeding
Nappies Certainly worth getting lots of nappies, we tried most brands on the market, it’s quite a personal thing. You will be shocked by the volume that you go through so do stock-up on the large boxes.
Nappy rash cream Vaseline was recommended by the midwife to prevent nappy rash and Oliver never had it (I used it every time I changed his nappy). Have one big pot in the nursery and one small pot in the change bag
Nappy bin I was warned off buying one as they smell; however I only put wet nappies in ours (soiled nappies bagged and straight outside), change it regularly and never had an odour issue.
Playmat/Gym A great investment for tummy time, fun time with your new born, we bought one that could be configured in a number of ways (the sides folded in) and it was great!
Pushchair/ Stroller/ Travel system So many to choose from so look around and see what suits you, We bought a travel system (carrycot,car seat,pram all in one) many people told me not to bother with the carrycot but I really did love it and it was great for naps when we were visiting relatives i.e. we used it for naps at my mums
Nail Scissors/ clippers Worth having as babies nails grow quickly and they scratch their face a lot, although we used the scissors initially as recommended by our midwife.
Sleeping bag *must have* We have used these in varied togs and sizes and are still using them, no worry of smothering and baby is cosy.
Swaddle A bit like dummies again you either are a swaddler or not, Oliver loved to be swaddled and I wouldn’t have been without them but not all babies like it.
Sling I didn’t buy my sling until Oliver was about 3-4 weeks and wished I had invested earlier, he liked to feed all of the time and this gave me a bit more freedom and he loved it.
Stairgates *must have* It’s a good idea to get these in advance of the rolling/ crawling as these milestones creep up on you and you avoid any accidents
Steriliser We had a freestanding steriliser but ended up preferring the microwaveable one as it could be stored in the microwave when it wasn’t going to be used and worked really well
Swing/bouncy seat We were lucky to receive our swing chair/bouncer as a gift and Oliver loved it, great to give baby a comforting swing and give you time for a cup of tea/relax
Thermometer *must have* We had a set which included a bath, electric and dummy thermometer. It was fabulous for peace of mind in the early days.
Thermometer (Room) Our baby monitor has the temperature built in but we were given a thermometer as a gift and I LOVE it as it glows different colours depending on the temperature which is great for tired mummies and daddies...
Towels We had a selection of large baby hooded towels and some smaller multi packs. Normal bath towels are also fine but I liked knowing Oliver’s head was warm, especially with all that hair!
Travel cot *must have* for trips away and also great if you want the baby to play in and you have a dog, we bought an inexpensive brand - it’s well made, easy to put together and stores well
Wash cloths Wash cloths are great; however I ended up buying a job lot of Egyptian cotton flannels and still use them now
Wipes We both use re-washable (just the wash clothes with water) for post-food, general mess clean-ups and pop them in with the washing. For nappy changing if you use wipes, again as for nappies you do best to include in your grocery shopping and bulk buying when on offer.