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Hello Octopus - Re-use is the new black!


Hello Octopus - Re-use is the new black! I am always on the look-out for new activities with my toddler and I am happy to admit I was inspired when I saw a gorgeous painting in Haywards Heath library. Oliver and I were meeting some friends for the free baby Rhyme time. The picture I saw was a penguin, but I think you will agree our octopus is pretty gorgeous too.

Octopus handprint

Inspirational penguin

Equipment: Tin foil Glue Scissors for adults only (NOT for the toddler) Felt Crayons Coloured paper Pom-pom’s for the Octopus eyes A pre-painted hand print (or you could just as easily draw around your hand) A little patience

Method: Oliver had just finished an early lunch and was relatively calm, Dadda was on-hand and so I decided to give it a whirl whilst I had an extra pair of hands. I had saved the handprints we created in the ‘finger painting’ session and used a few items I found around the house. This picture did involve quite a lot of cutting out so Dadda improvised with a few pipe cleaners making glasses with Oliver whist I cut out the shapes.

Oliver in pipe cleaner glasses

Octopus: We have used the handprint we created whilst finger painting last week, I cut a few extra legs using felt, we used some mini pom-poms for the eyes and some cut-up pipe cleaner for his mouth.

Octopus & Fish

Fish: These are quite simple to cut out, as the shape is quite forgiving and the difference in each one just helps it look like a different species (or so I convinced myself-). I cut them out of some coloured felt (as I found some in the craft box I used with my nieces and nephews when they were small) but it would look equally as good if you used coloured paper. When cutting the tin-foil fish I folded it a few times to cut four fish at once.

Cutting the fish

Waves: Oliver decorated the paper with a crayon to create the waves (scribbles). I cut out a few wiggly strips of blue paper and the left over tin-foil to add some stick-on waves.

Waves and fish

Gluing: After a little battle with the glue stick, Oliver wouldn’t let Dadda hold it, Dadda held the glue stick with the lid off and Oliver wiped the fish/ waves over and they stuck them to the paper together.

Sticking the fish to the picture with Dadda

I’m not sure Oliver understood the picture as he seemed a little confused as to why Mumma was sticking fish around the spider, so I think we will have to schedule another trip to the Sea Life Centre or invest in a new under-the-sea book. Michelle x

Handprint Octopus & waves