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Homemade Play Dough Recipe


      Homemade Play Dough Recipe: It's ideal for toddlers to have fun with, It's not for eating!

Florence having fun

Ingredients: One mug plain flour Half mug salt One mug water Two teaspoons cream of tartar One tablespoon cooking oil Food colouring Play Dough Ingredients

Method: Put all of the ingredients in a pan and cook over a gentle heat stirring constantly. The play dough will start to thicken, when you can touch it and it doesn't make a mess on your hands and is sort of dry then its done. Play Dough in the pan

Once the play dough was 'cooked' I removed it from the pan making sure it was not too hot. I rolled it into a big ball Play Dough big ball

I then divided it into four with a knife

Play Dough 1 becomes 4

With my finger I made a little hole and poured a little of the food colouring in and then kneaded it to spread it through the dough. I used blue and green food colouring because that is what I had in the cupboard. Once this was done I repeated on the other 3 parts alternating the colours. Coloured Play Dough

I immediately set two aside as back up. The other two I set in front of Florence and let her have fun! I gave her a rolling pin, some pastry cutters and a mixing bowl. Florence having fun This activity kept her entertained for about 45 minutes!! Florence rolling

When she was finished I wrapped the dough in cling film and stored in an air tight container, it will probably last a few days or leave to air dry & enjoy the finished creation. Cling Film Play Dough

Tip: For glittery play dough , put the glitter in at the end. To change colours for example making green, use a batch of yellow play dough and put a tiny drop of blue in the middle of a ball of play dough then as the child plays with it the dough will becomes green. Florence with the cutters

Biscuit cutters are great for making shapes - Daisy x