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Hypnobirthing: I went to hypnobirthing classes whilst pregnant with Florence. Leila who teaches the MONGAN method is absolutely wonderful. We went to her home and it is something that you and your partner do together. When we arrived for the first visit we are sat in a comfortable room on a sofa, the blinds are shut, candles lit, lavender oil burning, you feel immediately relaxed!When I first told my friends I was going to hypnobirthing classes I had a few different reactions, some were intrigued some thought it was nonsense. But for me, I just wanted to understand what my body was going to go through and how it would react. This method teaches you to understand what's happening inside you and how you can help your body. Instead of focusing on the PAIN (this word is pretty much banned!) So here is the concept... Florence new born

Hypnobirthing helps you frame a positive expectation and prepares you for birth by developing a trust and belief in your birthing body and in nature’s undeniable orchestration of birthing. By learning and understanding the basic philosophy of birth and the adverse effect that fear has upon the chemical and physiological responses of your body, it can transform your birthing experience from one that is nervous and fearful into one that is calm and empowered. Hypnobirthing will give you simple, self-conditioning techniques for you and your birthing partner that will easily bring you into the optimal state of relaxation (which is paramount for birth). Hypnobirthing practitioners believe that birth is natural, normal and healthy and through practicing these techniques and embodying this belief you can help to have a better birth outcome no matter what your experience.

Breathing exercises 1. Slow Breathing (which you do durimg the onset of labour to help keep you relaxed and your muscle oxygenated and flowing with blood)

Breathe in for four and out for eight

2. Surge Breathing ( which you do during the surges, again releases huge amounts of oxgyen into the blood stream and helps you through the surge)

Breathe in for up to a count of 15 (if you can), hold for a beat then breathe out slowly for 15, hold for a beat and repeat again. As each surge lasts for roughly 1 min this should take you through it.

3. Birth Breathing or 'The J Breath' (this breathing is used during the final stage when the baby is being breathed out - only to be practised on the loo before hand!)

Take a short breath in then breathe the outward breath downwards into your body and out through the vagina in the shape of a 'J' - this focusses your energy inwards and helps to widen the pelvic area, so you are not straining or pushing, you are work with the natural pulsations of the uterus.

So in my situation I was fully prepared in my mind and body to have a natural, no drugs, if possible water birth. My birthing plan was about 3 pages long (yes... I can hear the sniggers already) from start to finish I had the whole thing planned. I had a play list on my iPad, which snacks I wanted, and NO DRUGS! Now... The people sniggering can say "I told you so!" the list never made it out of my hospital bag... Florence was two weeks over due so I was sent to hospital to be induced.. This goes against the hypnobirthing rules but I had tried everything! Acupuncture, pineapples, curries and you know all the other" tricks!" So I am in the hospital, they tried using a pessary to open my cervix but alas... Florence was not budging. The head surgeon came to see me, and after an examination suggested I have a C-section!! I was a bit dis heartened by this I had read so many articles saying people that have C-sections don't have the same bond with their babies... Etc etc...but Jon my husband was so excited about meeting our baby and I had had enough. I asked how long would it be till we go into surgery and the doctor looked at his watch and told me he could fit me in, in about half an hour!!! This was great because I didn't have hours to worry, but it's daunting going into surgery. This is where the breathing techniques come in handy! Although I couldn't use the full hypnobirthing method, I would not have been able to get through the lead up to surgery, even now it sends a shiver down my spine! I did the slow breathing exercise it was amazing. It's worth a go, if not the classes then just purchasing the book could be helpful! Daisy x The first family picture

Leila works in a brighton clinic Details and prices and also can be emailed to 07815095126 20130317-081803.jpg