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Michelle's birthday


Michelle's birthdayDestination: London Food: Benihana Cocktails: Savoy


Espresso martinis-A must on a mummy night out!

So just because you're a mummy does not mean you suddenly lose your personality and become "boring" even if some people think so.

My lovely BBP Michelle and I have become great friends over the last year and a half and was thrilled when she asked me to come and celebrate her birthday with her in London.

It was all planned in true White style, the taxi was booked, the train times checked, the restaurant booked and drinks arranged in a wonderful cocktail bar.

So I am ready heels on, hair done-I think everything looks ok in between. We got the train to Victoria and cracked open the bubbles-PARTY TIME!

First destination is dinner -Benihana We head straight to the table and Ben - Michelle's gorgeous husband has organised bubbles on arrival! We then browse the menu, I am vegetarian and so is my husband so we chose the vegetarian option and everyone else had meat and fish.

20130320-190405.jpg Cooking the egg fried rice

This is no ordinary restaurant, you have your own personal chef who cooks everything in front of you- it's very theatrical!

20130320-190347.jpg We 'heart' egg fried rice

Aside from the juggling and setting food alight (literally setting it on fire!), the actual cooking of the food is entertainment in its self.


one way to cook an onion

The food just keeps on coming, our stomachs are well and truly lined.

Second destination The Savoy hotel, American bar What an entrance, I feel slightly as if I have stepped back in time, modern architecture although sleek and easy to look at has absolutely nothing on this place (they have just spent 220 million on it) It feels special-you know you are in for a treat.

We make our way through the lobby and up the steps to the famous American bar! The walls are covered with photos of all the people who have been here, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope and Judy Garland are a few. We sat In a gorgeous nook just before the bar and were presented the bar menu, straight to the cocktails!


Our wonderful waitress

You can't go to the American bar and not order a cocktail! They were absolutely delicious.


Cheers to the Birthday girl

We stayed for about 3 drinks, which ended up being chosen by our lovely waitress! She hand-picked them for each of us and I must say mine were spot on.


Michelle with the very cool barman

All in all it was a great evening had by all, my feet are still recovering but it was totally worth it.


The end of the night-If you had not guessed.....


Daisy x