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Should I continue to settle my baby with a bottle of milk?


Should I continue to settle my baby with a bottle of milk? I LOVE receiving my monthly e-mail update from baby centre; I’m always excited to see what we potentially have to look forward to for the next month. This month I read the 20 month update and it had an article about bottles ‘ditching the habit’. I have tried unsuccessfully three times to remove the milk bottle from the bed-time routine and failed miserably. In the past I have tried only offering milk in a number of different types of cups and beakers and completely banishing the bottle.

Oliver Sleeping

This usually results in a huge tantrum, lots of crying and a cup of milk being thrown on the floor (Thank god for my VAX carpet shampooer!), at which point either myself or my hubby are dashing downstairs for the bottle to console our distressed child.

The difference with this approach is that it recommends still offering the bottle but only with water. I had not considered this option and think it might actually work (I say crossing my fingers and hoping!!). So I have decided to give it a whirl. Oliver had chicken pox and a sickness bug over Christmas and was ill for about four weeks in total which played havoc with his sleep routine and he is now periodically waking in the night to ask for milk, which is killing me with tiredness! I will record the naps/ sleep and keep you posted with regards the progress...'Click here' to read the baby centre article. Fingers crossed - Michelle x