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We do it our way - Sleeping


We do it our way - Sleeping: When Florence was 3 months old my family bought a gorgeous country pub. To get it up and running we thought it best that we moved in above because it would mean that daddy could still see lots of Florence! We got into the habit of letting her sleep in with us when she woke up-she always hated her cot. Some people plan to co-sleep from day 1, others think it's digging a hole! I fought it for a while and tried the dreaded controlled crying but she just got so distressed that we made the decision (through exhaustion mainly) that we would let her get in with us and when we remembered we would move her back!

At aged 1 we decided to take her cot sides down and it was the best thing we did. We bought a safety rail so she couldn't fall out. She walked at 11 months so I knew she was fine getting in and out on her own.

Florence LOVED it! When bed time came she would jump into bed with a big smile on her face, we would read her a story and when she got tired florence lay down, had her milk and went to sleep!

Then when she woke up any time between 1-5 she would jump out of bed and get into ours.. We don't mind this although I can hear the tutting already! What we do get is gorgeous kisses when we wake up, a happy contented toddler and all of us sleep!



The only change is that we are now getting a bigger bed.


But Florence sleeps the recommended amount of hours needed and we have saved ourselves hours of sleepless nights forcing her to get back into her own bed. I'm not saying this is what you should do but that it isn't the wrong thing to do. The main thing is that the whole family are happy, and we are. Daisy x