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A long Haul


A long Haul: We have decided to bite the bullet & take Oliver to Florida to visit his grandparents ahead of his second birthday 9 1/2 hours are we mad! We would like to take full advantage of the fact that you don't  need to pay for a seat and surprise his Nanny (Grandad's in on the secret), just by knocking on the door. I was pretty relaxed as we have had four successful flights although the longest was only 4 hours! Ok maybe I'm deluded rather than relaxed but either way, were booked now!Preperation for holiday

Preparation for the 9 1/2 hours So I set about chatting to other mummies about what works well on a flight and the majority vote is have the a variety of toys and snacks and only give them a few at time i.e.  if the mood is dipping produce a new item..

What toys we packed: Trunkie Favourite blanket Baby (favourite cuddly toy) Box with mini brightly colour assorted Tupperware pots (he loves lids & pots) Portable aqua draw Soft bag filled with cars Soft bag filled with mini frying pan, mini hob & mini food Mummies mini iPad with games Daddies iPad with lots of postman pat

We decided to bring nappies/ swim nappies and utilise the baggage allowance knowing the majority of these items won't be coming home & we will have some space for a little shopping..Dadda & Oliver having fun

The morning of the flight we got up nice and early, ready to go when Oliver woke up. He was in a great mood and very excited to go 'up the sky' this is Oliver's unique name for an aeroplane. We had a breakfast, Oliver’s Grandad dropped us to the airport  and we were delighted that the specific 'family check-in' was empty. The staff are so welcoming and great with children, although Oliver did have a hissy fit when Dadda went off to go through the liquids with security. You are required to test a random selection of the items you bring through and I don't fancy it...Wee... Trunkie-tastic

All I will say is don't under estimate the kindness of other people, especially with children. A delightful young girl came over and calmed Oliver in seconds with a little chat and share of a soft toy-an absolute pure life saver! We grabbed a few last minute supplies a little extra make-up for Mumma a nappy change &  its already time to board. Slightly different to the usual leisurely champagne bar visit and new dress but lots of fun! Michelle X