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A superb toddler haircut, Finally!


A superb toddler haircut, Finally! I've had a bit of a nightmare with Oliver's haircut's and following a few conversations with some 'toddler boy' mummy friends of mine, was inspired to share this truly fabulous Barbers I have found.

Oliver was born with lots of hair which is gorgeous but grows very quickly, he is 21 months now and I've actually lost track of the number of haircuts he has had, with varying degrees of success. Initially my wonderful hairdresser Aimee was cutting Oliver's hair but now that Oliver is a lot older it takes time & Aimee is a busy lady. So we decided to try a few different hairdressers and to my complete horror we've had a few disasters, usually resulting in a very short fringe, hovering about 1/2 inch above his eyebrows... The only saving grace has been that Oliver needs a haircut once a month so it grows out quite quickly.

After a disastrous Christmas haircut with my hubby (whilst I was Christmas shopping) I convinced Ben to let us tag along on his next trip to the barbers, although did feel a bit sorry for him as its probably the only peace & quiet he gets at the weekend! When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the calm and jovial atmosphere, a fish tank greeted us and Oliver was happily mesmerised by the fish until the carefully selected barber became available. My hubby had convinced me that Owen, a father of two would understand my simple need for a 'good' haircut and assured me that we would not have yet another butchered fringe.

I have to admit I was nervous when we first sat down with Oliver perched on my knee; however I quickly relaxed as Owen reassured me that he completely understood what was needed. He worked quickly, carefully & professionally, Oliver's attention span is short but we find the iPad with an episode of postman pat and a snack helps keep him seated for the duration. Oliver's haircut was superb and I'm delighted to say we are now regulars.

I would highly recommend MAN CUTS for a toddler haircut, they are open 6 days a week although where possible it's best to avoid a Saturday as its very busy (although if you have to go, go early) - Michelle X

 Contact Number - 01403 262447