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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

ABEILLE LOVES - April 2013


ABEILLE LOVES - April 2013: Our second ABEILLE LOVES focuses on pregnancy and the things we couldn't do without! Pregnancy is such a precious time for the Mummy & Daddy, time to prepare & nurture yourself before your miracle baby arrives; we struggled to list only ten as there are so many but here are the specially selected ABEILLE LOVES for pregnancy... Enjoy!ABEILLE LOVES  

Pregnancy for Men, The Whole Nine Months by Mark Woods - The best pregnancy book

I bought this book for my hubby Ben and used it to tell him our happy news; little did I know how much we would enjoy it. I bought many pregnancy books but there was definitely the right mix of humour, facts and preparation for the entire journey. Ben read it to me every Sunday night and we always had a giggle... Michelle XPregnancy for men book

Pregnancy for Men, The whole nine months

Maternity nursing/Sleeping bras - Most comfortable sleeping bras 

I've never had a big bust but when I was pregnant my breasts grew quickly & were very tender, my neighbour (& pregnancy guru Debbie) who I've mentioned before, recommended these sleeping bras & they are the best invention. They are SO comfortable to sleep in & are also great for breast feeding at night once the baby arrives. Michelle XSleeping bras

Maternity nursing/sleep bras

Baby centre App - Amazing 'free' pregnancy App

This App is great, it gives you a weekly update for mummy & baby, helpful recipes for fruity flapjack & tips to ensure you keep Daddy involved too. This App also continues emailing you a weekly update when your baby is new born & monthly when they are older. I always look forward to reading the exciting things we can expect in the monthly update & relevant articles to your child's age. I used one article to wean Oliver off milk in a bottle, definitely worth getting! Michelle XBaby Centre App

Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt - Great support for your back during pregnancy

I found these whilst browsing in John Lewis in my last trimester of pregnancy and what a find they were. The doctors wanted me to take strong medication as I was really suffering with my back but I was very stubborn about taking medication & found that wearing this support band really did help. So if you are suffering it’s certainly worth a try, I loved them - Michelle XBack Support

Cantaloop pregnancy support belt

Palmers Cocoa formula massage lotion for stretch marks - Fabulous cream for itchy skin

In pregnancy I was very itchy and very sick, so needed to avoid all strong smells & re-apply oils and moisturisers a few times a day, until a friend recommended this cream. It's meant for massage & if I was lucky I got one but on the whole I just used this as a body cream and I can't tell you the difference it made.. No more itchiness and its light in fragrance so didn't aggravate the sickness either, winner all round! - Michelle XItchy skin lotion

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

Lavender oil - Restore and promote relaxation

It is great to burn on top of an oil diffuser when you are pregnant. I found that it chilled me out and helped me sleep great at night! In my last trimester of pregnancy I was throwing it around the room, anything to help get more sleep at that point. I bought both the diffuser and the lavender oil from Neal’s Yard - Daisy xLavender Oil

Bio oil - Amazing skincare

I loved this, Jon hated it! I got through a bottle a week (and it's not cheap) I think most body oils and moisturisers do the same thing if applied thoroughly, but what I loved about this was how thin it was because it could be applied quickly! – Daisy xBio Oil


Pamper time - Need we say more!

I was probably a bit too indulgent, I had 1 treatment a week (I justified this by telling jon I wasn't spending any money on anything else!) especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy where you feel like a beached whale! My hormones were all over the place so I had facials, pedicures, manicures and even just popping in for a quick wax. (Although it seems when you are pregnant it hurts about 3 times as much as normal. Brace yourself!) I am so glad I made the most of it; I don't think I have managed to fit in anything more than an eyebrow wax since. I visited the Beauty rooms in Brighton. Highly recommend! – Daisy xPamper Time

Pregnancy pillow - A pregnancy must have!

This pregnancy pillow was probably my favourite thing during pregnancy. I did a bit of research and bought a pregnancy pillow by Dreamgenii. It helped me get comfortable when you think there is no way you will. I then use it to prop Florence up when she was born by folding it into a 'V' shape so it was absolutely used to death. The Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow is an award winning pregnancy pillow which supports your back, bump and knees meaning that you can get a good night sleep. It is designed to prevent you from sleeping on your back, which can result in reduced blood flow to your baby and encourages you to lie on your left side which is the best position for both mother and baby – Daisy xPregnancy Pillow

Clarins soothing leg gel - Heaven in a bottle

Just walking up the stairs seemed like climbing a mountain, It was great to find a product that actually took a little of that pain away- best applied by loving husband – Daisy xSoothing Leg Gel

Clarins Energizing Emulsion for Tired Legs