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Afternoon treat at Sugar and Snow


Afternoon treat at Sugar and Snow: It was a rainy nearly snowy day and we were at al loss at what to do. Both Florence and Oliver had shorter naps than usual and the thought of a long afternoon cooped up indoors filled us with dread!I called Michelle and asked what she was doing and she suggested we get in the car and head into Horsham to try out this new waffle and Ice-cream house out Sugar and Snow.Sugar and Snow.. We turn up around 2.45pm and there were a few people inside already. It's Very retro and the smell of maple syrup hits your nose instantly! Straight as you walk in is the largest selection of homemade ice cream I have ever seen. Florence and Oliver are in awe and instantly squish their noses up against the glass to have a look.

20130326-202623.jpg We are seated in a comfortable booth, can we order everything that is on the menu? After deciding that was totally ridiculous we ordered a strawberry shake for Florence and I and Michelle and Oliver chose chocolate.


They were to die for and if that was all we had ordered we would have walked out with big smiles on our faces... But we didn't! Michelle and I both ordered banana and pecan pancakes and Florence and oliver had waffles with caramel and chocolate sauce on the side.

20130329-100911.jpg There were so many pecans in our pancakes it made them ridiculously indulgent and the pancakes themselves were perfectly cooked! The owners were there themselves so we had a chat with them (I think they might have been a tad busy) until Florence and oliver started harmonising high pitched screams. Major sugar overload I think!

20130326-202557.jpg We left planning our next visit.. It's a great place to bring the kids and the staff are very obliging with any requests .

20130326-202611.jpg Definitely worth a visit- I am sure it will be heaving in the summer - Daisy X