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Dusting off my running shoes


Dusting off my running shoes... So I woke up this morning and realised that the magic is not going to happen, I'm not going to get fit by just thinking about it anymore. After I had Florence I kept on saying I've just had a baby, started having the odd cigarette with a glass of wine and justifying it by saying I needed to have 'me time'. I have knocked them on the head also! But now Florence is fast approaching her second birthday and I realised that I can't actually say 'I have just had a baby' anymore! So I whipped out my iPad and searched exercise in Brighton and saw that there was a FREE running club in my local park. So I signed up online and dug out all my gym gear- I used to be quite a gym bunny, in my head I'm thinking it will be fine- my body will remember.

20130413-213527.jpg So Saturday morning comes and I get kitted out, download some running tracks, jump in the car (when I'm fit again I'm Soooo running down as my warm up!) and head down to the park. There are not just a few people, there are about 200 people here, this is serious stuff... Not feeling so confident now! So I take a deep breathe and head down to the crowd, I eye someone with a clipboard-he looked important so I skipped over to him. All checked in I start swinging my legs like all the people that clearly know what they are doing. A lady with a microphone gets us lined up and off we go... 2 and a half laps, sounds easy right? Well we do the half lap first and I am dying, I swear it, I'm going to drop down on the floor and never be able to get up again!! But I see an 80 year old man jogging past me and realise that I am slightly exaggerating, so I carry on. I make it round the whole lap and now I really am struggling. It's so embarrassing!! What has happened... I see someone I know, I'm sure he lapped me about 20 minutes ago, and before I know it he's next to me egging me on! He's running a marathon tomorrow- I feel very pathetic. I eventually make it round and actually it wasn't as bad as I thought. I did 5 k in 38 minutes, I know have a bench mark and for my sins I'm going to go twice a week and try and beat my time. That's easy to say sitting here with my glass if wine, completely unable to move. My legs feel like led. I will keep you posted on how I get on.... Will post before and after pictures when I get results!

If you live in Brighton and hove and would like to join me, here's the link..

Daisy x