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Essentials Hospital list - Mummy


Essentials Hospital list

Following the success of our ‘Essentials baby list’ we have complied 3 lists for the all important hospital trip; Mummy, Baby and Daddy/Partner. We will be sharing these over the next three days and on the third day will enable the Essentials Hospital list 'PRINT ME' option. Our ABEILLE LOVES details some other pregnancy related items we recommend so have a peek at that too. If you have any questions about any of the items, please just ask. Michelle X


Essentials Hospital list - Mummy

Birth Plan The documented plan for your preferred delivery
Feeding/ Nursing bra We recommend you get professionally measured for one. Non-wired bras for pregnancy and then around 36/37 weeks go and get fitted for a nursing bra, you may have to go again after your milk comes in as you may increase in size again. Maternity bras aren’t particularly attractive, but comfort is key
Food Food bag-not for you but for your other half!! Good idea to pack some bottles of water (the sports bottles) for you and some sweets you can suck on as your mouth can get really dry! Also some lucozade…
Knickers(Passion killers) Post birth, make sure you get a few of packs of dark, big, briefs you will be grateful for these, trust me!
Night shirts Nightshirts (pack a few) to wear in labour/after
Plastic bag To put old clothes in or labour clothes for someone to take home for you
Post partum support pants I wish I had known about these as I had carried a big baby and was very conscious of my tummy! To help with the post partum mummy tummy, High Waisted Post Pregnancy Support Pants
Pyjamas Dark coloured pyjamas for post-birth
Sanitary towels Maternity towels are required, they may seem huge and unattractive but the bigger the better it’s the comfort that counts. Buy a good few packets as you will get through them.
Slippers  You don’t want to be walking on the hospital floors!
Tens Tens (you can rent these from most pharmacies) if you are using one you will probably be wearing it by the time you go to hospital
Toiletries Tooth brush, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc.
Towel Dark Towel for after your bath/ shower post-birth
Travelling home outfit Bring comfortable maternity clothes to return home in, I didn’t forgetting that the pre-baby body would take a few months to return.