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Getting bendy


Getting bendyPilates equipment classes

So a few blogs ago I shared getting back into my running, I am still going and am improving slowly but surely. I thought it might help my technique if I strengthened my core. Pilates is generally based around core work and I am really lucky to have a wonderful health clinic at the top of my road.

20130426-105800.jpg They do a variety of treatments and classes. There is the standard Pilates Mat class BUT to Jons constant annoyance I spot this snazzy new type called 'Equipment Pilates'..(which is double the price) in my head if it's double the price it must be amazing!! So I enquire within and am told you have to buy a special starter package... £95 ouch.

20130425-124103.jpg So I book in my induction for the Monday following-very excited! Monday arrives and I am shown into the Pilates equipment room.. Hayley is my Pilates instructor today and she is so lovely, automatically feel comfortable. We make our way round the machines-they look far more scary than they actually are! Each session is about 45minutes to 1hour long and the target area for me is my stomach.


I wish I had done this straight after giving birth but better late than never. To keep the cost down I'm going to alternate between Pilates equipment and normal Pilates mat work.

I definitely recommend this for all the new mummies out there.

Daisy x