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Great things come in small packages


Great things come in small packages So I have always been a great fan of Weleda products, especially when I found out I was pregnant- I thought about everything I was putting in my body including food, drink and skin care products! So two years later and thinking I have tried and tested everything, I was excited to see there was a new little product on the shelf. It's called SKIN FOOD.

20130411-130757.jpg So here is their product description- Weleda Skin Food is a nourishing and hydrating treatment for the whole body, especially hands, feet and elbows. This marvellous intensive moisture cream is a backstage beauty secret and been around since 1926. Suitable for vegetarians.

How to use- A little goes a long way, so apply sparingly. This very rich cream is best applied to the face by gently patting on, so as to avoid dragging the skin. Elsewhere on the body, gently smooth into the skin until the cream is absorbed. To deeply nourish hard working, dry hands: apply liberally, cover with gloves and leave overnight.

My thoughts- SKIN FOOD is going to be a permanent product in my daily routine. I don't use it for my body, just my face. You feel like you have had a facial every time it's applied. As soon as I put it on I can feel my skin absorbing all the goodness. Having such a hectic lifestyle and rushing from one toddler class to another it's great to find something that keeps you feeling pampered when you don't have time to get to the salon. Definitely a mummy must have!

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Daisy x