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Homemade Ricotta cheese


Homemade Ricotta cheese I made this with my Mum a few days ago, it's so easy and so much nicer than shop bought. Great with salads, on pasta or with bread. It's a great recipe for your little one to get involved in because it's simple.


Ingredients 1 litre full fat milk 500ml buttermilk 500ml single cream 1 lemon Pinch of salt


Into saucepan put 1 litre full fat milk. Add 500 ml buttermilk and 500 ml single cream. 20130411-171129.jpg Florence enjoyed helping with this bit... 20130411-171139.jpg Taste check... 20130411-171148.jpg Warm med heat till a rolling boil, stirring regularly. When comes to boil, add juice 1 lemon and pinch salt. Take off heat and stir gently 1 min. Curds should have formed. Have a large bowl ready and place muslin in with sides hanging over sides of bowl. Carefully pour mix into muslin and gently lift the curds in the muslin up above the bowl. 20130411-171056.jpg Drain untill water stops dripping out and then scoop it out into a container to us as and when you like.

Then you just need to clean up... 20130411-171156.jpg Serving suggestion Slow roast some tomatoes and cook one beet root, serve with fresh rocket salad and sprinkle the ricotta on top, add a simple balsamic glaze.

Enjoy! Daisy x