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Painting pottery cafe


Painting pottery cafe Brighton

My BBP is away so I have been keeping myself busy. Thankfully I have lots of lovely friends and so does Florence.. We decided one gloomy day that it would be nice to do an activity. I had walked past the Painting pottery Cafe a number of times and have always wanted to go. So I called and booked us in, always a good idea if you wish to bring buggies with you. 20130419-213145.jpg Charlotte and Sophie are there when we arrive, and immediately we start browsing through our choices of pottery to paint. Charlotte chose a cup for Sophie to paint and we chose an egg holder.


We are all given aprons and are given a talk through painting ideas and techniques.


I decide to let Florence just go for it, there is no point in trying to take control and be constructive-it would be far too stressful for my inner artist! So when Florence had finished playing with the water she got stuck into the paint-who needs brushes when you have lots of fingers.......

They also enjoyed painting each other! 20130419-213059.jpg And Florence even had a go at painting herself.. 20130419-213127.jpg Once finished you leave your item with a member of staff and they glaze and fire it for you to collect a few days later! 20130419-213116.jpg I'm sure it will look better one it's glazed.....

And here are the finished works of art!

Sophies masterpiece 20130422-184827.jpg And Florences..errr well I love it because she did it! 20130422-184838.jpg

Now the last time I visited a pottery cafe was when florence was 9 months old, I did lots of foot prints and hand prints on various items as christmas presents. Perfect to do when they are little and lovely gifts to close friends and family. Although this was alot harder, because you have to supervise them all the time, it was great fun. Most towns have some sort of Pottery cafe now but if you would like to visit this one follow the link! The staff are wonderful and clearly know how to deal with excited toddlers.

Have fun

Daisy x