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Soft Play Centre are we crazy...


Soft Play Centre are we crazy...: Two toddlers, one crazy morning and a whole lot of fun. Trying to entertain the toddlers at 21 months can be exhausting, they are at an age where everything is a experiment, they get frustrated if they can't/aren't allowed to do something and they need to burn off the tremendous amount of energy they have. Daisy and I decided to brave the soft play centre in Crawley, Treasure Chest, as we had heard good reviews from other mummies, although I have to admit that pre-Oliver I would do anything to avoid entering such a place.

Slide fun

First impressions, we were asked to join when we arrived, the fee is £2 and you are presented with a membership card (which you collect on the way out). The whole place is very clean, although when we went a little on the chilli side so wrap up warm if you do go. They have 3 zoned areas for babies, toddler and then the older children and the building is very secure so you don't have to worry about little ones trying to escape.

Oliver in the tunnel

Florence & Oliver squealed with delight when we arrived and were desperately trying to escape as we removed their shoes & coats. Before we could find a table they were off, so we threw our bags down, shoes off and I ran after them while Daisy went to get a coffee.

Oliver & Florence in the tunnel

Oliver headed straight for the car pool & Florence the ball pit, they are close together and visibility is good from all angles so I felt comfortable that they were safe and I could see them both. After an alternate coffee we decided to take Florence & Oliver into the older section of the soft play, so we supervised & braved the three story climb to the large wiggly slide. I have to admit we did have a giggle, playing boo in the tunnel & watching the children get excited as they watched the older children play, there happiness really is infectious. The big slide was fabulous...

Where to Florrie

It's fair to say they LOVED it here, we will certainly be going back. We didn't manage to stay for our full play session as the children were tired but we luckily managed to keep them awake all the way home with nursery rhymes playing in the car.

Beep, Beep

We highly recommend Treasure Chest as a fun day out with the children, parking is limited in the week so go early to avoid parking in the street (although it is just a short walk). - Michelle X