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Sourdough starter


Sourdough starter My sister found out a few years ago that she had a yeast intollerance. Since then our family have been experimenting with alternative recipes with yeast supstitute.

Most people can enjoy a yeast free diet quite happily, but the one thing they always seem to miss is bread, so this is part one of three blogs to get you on the road to a happy yeast free diet.

It takes about 3 days to get the 'starter' ready for use so begin with this...


I used Paul Hollywood's recipe. Very simple but needs attention especially at first.

Ingredients 1kg flour, best to use strong white but brown worked well too 1 organic apple, grated without core 360ml tepid water


Mix half flour with the apple and water. Cover with cling film and leave preferably in warm place to bubble away for 24 hours. The mix should be lively ie have bubbles. Discard half of mix and add 250g more flour, stir well and add 170ml water. Cover again and replace in chosen warm position. Leave another 2 days. Very exciting and irresistible to keep checking as this 'feeding' is akin to watching a plant grow. Children will love being involved! Should be plenty of bubbles now but if your mix has sunk and a layer of liquid has settled on top it is actually over alive, needs calming down so add more flour to return to thick consistency and leave another day. Do not despair! My mix became lively very quickly, had it's dips and rejuvenated easily so really worth persevering. Now your starter is alive, discard half again and mix in 250g flour and enough water to make sloppy dough. Leave 24 hours then it should be bubbling and thick. Ready to use. If you use your starter often leave at room temperature and feed every 3 days with flour and water to keep it alive.

Tomorrow I will post the recipe to turn your Sour dough 'starter' into a dough.

Daisy x