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The Brighton marathon


The Brighton marathon My legs are still killing from my 5 k run so to stretch them out I walk down to the seafront to see the hardcore runners show me how it's done... 20130414-224244.jpg It's actually a great day out. The sun is shining, a taste of our long awaited summer. Florence really got into cheering everyone on, everyone got a clap from her as they ran by. 20130414-224313.jpg You have to take your hat off to all the participants, it takes a certain person to take part. Danny who helped me through my first run yesterday came 94th out of 9000 people, he only started running a year ago so it shows that anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. 20130414-224255.jpg We watched it from the last stretch along the seafront and stopped outside our great friends Tony's flat (by chance). He made us tea and I bought Florence an ice cream which kept her busy for about half an hour. 20130414-224304.jpg Next year I am going to train for the marathon but not actually do it-save myself a knee op in future years.

Well done to all the runners, lot of money will have web raised today for great charities!

Although I am not convinced about doing a marathon it has inspired me to get the trainers on again tomorrow...

Daisy x