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The return journey


The return journey: 8 1/2 hours in the air with a toddler, are we mad! We made sure we tired Oliver out today & had him walk about as much as possible, he had a 40 minute nap in the buggy, which is practically unheard of for him but it was great as we were running around the shops. I'm delighted to say we had an easy ride to the airport, well done Benny for the navigation & sailed through security. Oliver loved watching the 'up the sky's' whilst we had some food. We had a quick run around duty free & a freshen up and it was time to board.Shhhh... Oliver's sleeping

1st hr - take off The take off was great, Oliver was extremely excited and although we seemed to be surrounded by a cluster of small children they were well behaved. The lovely staff of Virgin told us that the flight was quite empty so as soon as the seat belt signs went off we skipped along to a lovely empty row of 4 seats. There were lots of seats free around us so it was nice & quite we had a drink served, a menu offered, a meal - Oliver had a child's meal which pre-booked on-line.

2nd hr - sleepy times We had another drink & then hit a bit of turbulence so the seat belt signs went on. Oliver came back on to my lap & asked for his baby so I laid him down with some water & he quietly went off to sleep... Wow! I've just been given a delicious hot chocolate & might even get to watch a bit more of the movie I started on our journey over... Fingers crossed x

3rd hr - I watched the end of my film, bliss!!!

4th hr - Oliver woke up 9.15 It was probably my fault as my bladder could hold out no longer. Only Oliver's feet were resting on me but despite my best efforts, he stirred when I got up & then got quite upset. I had to pass him over to Ben and nip to the loo but when I opened the door Dadda & Oliver were waiting.. Oliver had wet through his PJ's and needs a change. We did try & change his nappy just before his nap but the seat belt signs were on for an hour & the nappy was changed literally just before we boarded.

TIP: The American pampers are different to the UK, I'm not sure what is different but he leaked through everyone & they weren't particularly wet. I suspect they aren't as absorbent or perhaps they are slightly larger than the UK sizes. God knows but we've changed 4 outfits in 1 day?!

5th hr sleep at last It took me a full hour from waking to finally get Oliver back off to sleep, fingers crossed that he'll sleep a bit longer this time, Mumma is ready for a nap....

The 8th & final hour - Eureka! Oliver woke up an hour before landing when the lights were turned on ready for the stewards to serve breakfast. Oliver was in a fabulous mood & after a quick freshen up he sat happily munching on some cereal with a cup of milk. These nuby snack pots are great for snacks on the go. We had breakfast, played a few games on the interactive screens built into the seats & it was time for our decent. The excitement of landing was great & Oliver kept the passengers around us entertained with lots of wow's, oh's, Ah's and 'up the sky's...

In summary the night flight was a breeze, Oliver slept well & we got to both watch a movie, bliss... Ok we didn't get to sleep but the rest & relaxation was just bliss!