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We do it our way-big bed for a little girl


We do it our way-Big bed for a little girl: So, as I said in my previous "We do it our way" blog, we were investing in a bigger bed because Florence likes to join us in the early hours! Our house is a small little two up two down town house. So when our super duper new bed arrived we were left with the decision as to what to do with our pretty French double bed. It would not fit in the loft and we definitely did not want to sell it, and most of all Florence adored it........ This led us in to the big debate on whether to give it to her? I looked online through various chat forums, spoke to other friends (who were mostly shocked that I would even consider it) and discussed it with Jon. My main concern was that it was too big and would take up playing space in her room but the positives were that as it was our only other bedroom it would be handy for if we had guests to stay and most importantly that Florence might sleep better in it. Being an original French bed it is very low to the ground so there was no worry about her falling out so we decided to go with our gut instinct and just go for it!

So yesterday we took down her cot bed and re-assembled the double bed in her room and it looked great. It didn't even take up as much room as I thought it would originally.


We waited to show her when she got out of the bath and as soon as Florence realised that our bed was now in her room she got straight into it, pulled the cover up to her chin and said night night!


I tried keeping the excitement in, got out her book and read her favourite story and gave her some milk and she went straight to sleep. Climbing into my big bed which we bought in mind of 3 people sharing it, I pretty much did the same routine as Florence. Book, water, sleep-and oh did I sleep, and sleep and hang on..... It's 6.30am and only two of us in the bed (me and Jon). Two years nearly and this has only happened a handful of times! She woke up in a great mood and enjoyed a fun morning at soft play with her friends Oliver and Tommy. When we got home she asked to go to bed and for the first time went for her lunchtime nap in her own room! Now this could all be a fluke but whatever the case, she loves it, we love it and it works for us as a family. Don't be scared of trying out new things, what works for one doesn't always work for another.

From a well rested happy mummy - Daisy