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What we are reading this month


What we are reading this month: From a very young age I have been reading to Florence as part of her bedtime routine, I wanted to do this so that she had some quiet time before bed after all the excitement of her day.We're going on a Bear Hunt!

'We're going on a bear hunt' - By Vivian French and Michael Rosen

A new study shows that reading the same books to children over and over again helps them to retain new words.

This can get a little boring but I have found that Florence gets so excited about predicting what's coming up on the next page. Michelle and I will be sharing our favourite books with you in monthly installments. This is Florence's current favourite (I read it very theatrically-she loves it)Florence loving the book

I loved this book when I was little, I can remember my Dad taking me for walks in the woods and re-creating it in real life.Oh, exciting!

Heres a little bit about it... Imagine the fun of going on a bear hunt-through tall, wavy grass (SWISHY SWISHY!); swampy mud (SQUELCH SQUELCH!); and a swirling whirling snowstorm (HOOOO WOOOO!) - only to find a "real" bear waiting at the end of the trail!

Most good book shops sell it or you can also buy it from Amazon

Happy reading - Daisy x