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Zed's Homemade Bread


Zed's Homemade Bread: We have just returned from Florida where we were staying with my in-laws Zed & Irene. My father in-law Zed makes fresh bread, as the bread in Florida is very sweet and Irene likes to have her favourite toast every morning for breakfast - love is! Nothing beats homemade bread and I have had a few unsuccessful attempts so decided to watch the pro in action & then give it another go myself! This is probably a weekend/home-day recipe as you have to be quite disciplined with the timings.A freshly baked loaf

Ingredients 'makes 2 loaves' 2 lb/900g white bread flour 3 x 7g sachets of yeast 1oz/25g caster sugar ( or supplement with honey) 1oz/25g salt 20 fluid ounces/550 ml warm/tepid Water


Preparation '12 minutes' Pour the yeast into a large jug Add the sugar Add the water Gently whisk until combined Leave for 10 Minutes Pour flour into your mixing bowl Add salt When the water & yeast has activated bubbles will appear and you will see it is readyYeast, sugar & water

Making the dough '12 minutes + 40 proving' Turn the mixer on low to combine the dry ingredients using the dough hook attachment Turn up to the second highest setting (if using a Kitchen Aid its speed 2) Slowly add the water & yeast mixture to the dry ingredientsWet into dry

Mix for 10 minutes, the dough should be formed in to one piece and the bowl cleanMix the dough

Remove the dough from the bowl, pour a small drop of olive oil/vegetable oil into the bowl & return to the bowl Turn the dough gently in the bowl to coat the outside with the oilDough ready Cover with a tea towel & place in a warm place for approx 40 minutes or until the dough has doubled in sizeDoubled in size! When doubled in size gentle knock back the dough & divide into two loaves

Proving '40 minutes' Mould into the shape you require each loafShaped loaf Cover with something large enough not to touch the bread or oil cling film with a light spray of oil so it doesn't stickCover Place in a warm place for approx 40 minutes or until the dough has doubled in size

Baking '20 minutes' When doubled in size place into a preheated oven @ 200 / 190 fan oven Bake for 20 minutes You will know the loaf is ready if you tap the underside of the loaf and it sounds hollow all the way along, if it doesn't sound hollow bake or another 5 minutes & repeat the tap check again Place the baked loaf on a cooling tray

TIP: If you would like the loaf to be crispy, pop it back in the oven for ten minutes without the tray. I do this just before serving as it brings back the freshly baked taste.

This is a delicious loaf of bread and I have a few variations to share using this very recipe.... A special 'Thank you to Zed for sharing' Enjoy! Michelle x