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A Carrot, Duck and a Donkey


A Carrot, Duck and a Donkey: A strange combination; however a happy compromise for Mumma and Oliver. We have adapted our grocery shopping now to a monthly bulk buy from the supermarket (This means Dadda or the grocery delivery man can carry all of the heavy items), a weekly trip to the butchers and a twice weekly trip to the local farm shop this gives us more time to relax and enjoy the animals at Swains Farm . Swains Farm is a beautiful farm shop in Henfield with a fabulous selection of fresh produce and some lovely animals. They have Donkeys, Lamas, Chickens & Goats to name but a few.20130528-191026.jpg Our routine is to arrive, go straight into the shop to get some carrots for the Donkeys any groceries I need & then we make our way outside to walk around the animals. It's beautiful and never fails to create excitement.20130528-190900.jpg

On Sunday we popped to grab a few last minute items for a BBQ and noticed a sign for miniature playhouses, I'll admit we've never been into the garden centre section of Swains Farm but were delighted with what we discovered, especially this gorgeous playhouse. With Oliver's 2nd birthday quickly approaching we have decided a garden playhouse is a must so it was wonderful to see how much he enjoyed playing in it, despite it being empty. He was happy just to stay inside and shut all of the windows, we knocked on the door asking to come in & he loved it.. We really did giggle just watching him and playing boo through the windows.


I'd highly recommend a visit to the beautiful farm shop and promise you won't be disappointed! Michelle X