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A stunning walk in Southwater country park


A stunning walk in Southwater country park: the ABEILLE 'official' photographer Alan Wright is always taking breath taking gorgeous pictures in a local country park which we have never visited. Oliver's had another horrid chest infection and we have had a pretty miserable week, so we decided to venture out late in the afternoon with the dog to give him a very welcome change of scenery.image

Perhaps as we didn't go until after 5, we found it very easy to park & not over crowded. To our sheer delight on arrival we were greeted by an ice-cream van, two swans & five tiny Cygnets.. Oliver was squealing with delight, so we perched ourselves on the side of the lake with our naughty ice-cream and enjoyed the beautiful view.image

It wasn't long before Oscar, our dog was keen to start walking so we set-off around the lake. It's very pretty with lots of lovely places to set-up a picnic & a beautiful little beach area where some children were swimming in the clear shallow water. Oliver is obsessed with stones so made a bee-line for the water edge closely followed by Dadda. I sat back with the dog, who would have been straight in the water given half the chance! It was lovely watching groups of well behaved teenagers having fun with footballs & bbq's. They have designated bbq areas, It's such a good idea, a little hidden oasis. Some people were swimming in the lake & with the children giggling and playing in the water the atmosphere was infectious.image

We eventually enticed Oliver away from the stones & carried on walking around the lake, it was beautiful! The path was wide & clear and would have been perfect for the pushchair, which with hindsight would have been a good idea as Oliver is exhausted with the chest infection & I carried him most of the way... I'm sure the country park has lots more to offer & we will certainly be back to explore! Michelle x[codepeople-post-map]