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A taste of summer


A taste of summer Over the last couple of weeks we have had a few glimpses of the sun coming out to play. And we are SO ready for it. Flossie has enjoyed numerous trips out to the park, the seafront and the countryside. She has on all of those outings had lots of treats! She loves ice cream and it keeps her entertained for a while too which is a bonus.

20130429-093138.jpg We went to Brighton beach with some friends who have older kids (Flossie loves older children), I suggested a game that I used to play as a child which involves finding pretty shells. Although flossie didn't quite get it, she did keep running up to me with giant stones that I'm sure were just as much a treasure to her. It kept Anna and Leon busy for a good hour!

20130429-093125.jpg20130429-093131.jpg Jon had a day off and Whilst I'm getting back into my running it worked really well that I ran round the park while they played in it.... I found them on the slide!

20130429-093117.jpg Our family country pub 'The Crabtree' is a great place for Flossie to run round in, there is a lot of safe garden space which is ideal.



Our fantastic pastry chef Amy made us lots of yummy ice cream.


Apart from the purchase of ice cream these are all free things to do on a nice day- we love it, and Florence slept great afterwards!

Daisy x