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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer



ABEILLE LOVES - May 2013: Our third ABEILLE LOVES focuses on 0 to 3 months. This is such a special time with your baby, It's so much fun getting to know your bundle of joy. I loved spending hours just gazing at Oliver, watching his facial expressions, listening to his little noises whilst he slept. Those early lazy days are just the best! We are delighted to share the chosen ABEILLE LOVES for 0-3 months... Enjoy!ABEILLE LOVES Baby Activity Mat

Baby Activity Mat's are fabulous for a new born, we loved popping Oliver on his with a few songs playing in the background whilst running the bath. I felt like he was having a little work out before the calming warm water of the bath and he seemed to have a great time. The Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym was highly recommended by a friend and was enjoyed by Oliver a great deal, it was worth every penny - Michelle XFisher Price Rainforest Gym

Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Breast feeding/Nursing tops

These breast feeding tops were perfect post-birth for easy access breast feeding, especially when out and about, they are also great value for money. H&M is very affordable and they also do a great selection of baby clothes, so be sure to have a peek at those too - Michelle XH&M Nursing tops

H&M Breast feeding/Nursing tops

Baby Sling for feeding

I adored my baby sling, I didn't order it until quite late on but wish I'd had it sooner. Although its recommended that you are calm & relaxed during every feed, Oliver fed what felt like constantly & from a practical perspective I sometimes needed to do a few light duties i.e. start dinner. The hippychick baby sense baby sling gave me comfort and support through all feeds and naps, it was wonderful! - Michelle XOliver dozing in his sling

hippychick Baby Sense Baby Sling

Buggy buddy lock

As a new mummy you only want the best for your baby, the best stroller, a gorgeous baby bag, with so much to think about safely storing your stroller can slip your mind. This fabulous clip not only gives you somewhere to store your handbag (and lock it safely), but also gives you the option to securely store your stroller using the easy 3 digit combination lock - I still use mine now and Oliver is 22 months -  Michelle XBuggy buddy lock

My buggy buddy lock

Swing N' bounce baby chair

My sister kindly bought this for Oliver, as she found the swing chair she had for her little boy Freddie, invaluable. The Graco Swing N' Bounce is a swing chair & bouncer, which is great if you want the baby close by as the bouncer chair easily detaches. This chair plays lots of different melodies, has various speeds & vibration settings and Oliver loved it! I found it especially useful when I wanted to enjoy a nice 'hot' cup of tea, as it kept Oliver safely entertained and out of burns reach - Michelle XGraco Swing N Bounce

Graco Swing N' Bounce Deimos

Baby Cream Bath

Your babies skin is so precious-especially in the first few months. This is a brand I trust and I would not use anything else on Florence when she was little. Weleda’s Calendula Cream Bath gently cleanses and nourishes delicate skin. Free from lauryl/ laureth sulphates, this creamy bath is especially suitable for delicate or easily irritated skin – ideal for babies and also for pregnancy when skin can become more sensitive than usual - Daisy XWELEDA Cream bath

 Weleda calendula cream bath

Re-usable wipes

I have used re-usable wipes 'cheeky wipes' from the day Florence was born to now. They are such a simple yet essential accessory for an easy life whilst keeping on top of the mess of a baby/toddler. The use for them changes as your little one grows. During the 0-3 month period I found them a great alternative to baby wipes-especially when Florence had a sore bottom, baby wipes tended to irritate the skin. They come in this fantastic kit which makes the whole process easier-and less yucky for Mummy and Daddy! - Daisy Xcheeky wipes

 cheeky wipes

New born crib

The Mothercare Hyde crib is a great alternative to a Moses basket. Florence was born 9lb 8oz and when we got home and put her in the Moses basket she spread her arms above her head and practically touched the sides already. I felt she needed something slightly bigger and sturdier. It's perfect because it's inexpensive and practical so you don't mind getting it for a short period of time - Daisy XMothercare Hyde Crib

Mothercare Hyde Crib


Room Thermometer

I loved the Gro-egg as it acted as a night light and told you the exact temperature of the room. It is very important that babies don't over heat or get too cold, they will usually let you know but I preferred to know that when I put Florence to bed, I had everything prepared - Peace of mind at a glance. The Gro-egg changes colour to let you know at a glance whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high or just right, helping you maintain a safe sleeping environment for your baby. As an added bonus it even works well as a gentle night light - Daisy XGro-egg


First toy

When Florence was born she got given 3 'Sophie la girafe'! It was the 'must have baby item' and all the cool kids had one. I wondered what I would do with 3-but found out soon enough. Florence dropped Sophie on the floor and of course being totally paranoid I sterilised it-the squeak was no more, then onto Sophie number two.. Florence dropped her down the inside of the buggy wheel-she had a sad ending. Sophie number 3 lasted till now-I bought a Sophie strap which went around her neck then attached to the buggy or car seat - Daisy XSophie le girafe

 Sophie la girafe