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Brighton Royal Pavilion


Brighton Royal Pavilion Whilst we are still awaiting our summer here in England, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of all the great activities that there is on offer. 20130515-185100.jpg When my friend Fal suggested we take the girls for a 'run around' in the Brighton Pavilion... I must say it wouldn't have been at the top of my list-not compared to the soft play, Tiny, Tunes, Little Lambs, Little Luvvies!! Far too sophisticated for my crazy little toddler. 20130515-185113.jpg But Fal said it was great so we gave it a go. I had forgotten how full on it was inside with bright colours bursting out of every wall, ceiling, carpet,bed, ornaments.... And then I got it! 20130515-185122.jpg It's perfect for little ones with brand new adventures to be created in their little minds. 20130515-185133.jpg Florence and Bela shared lots of oooos and aaaaas and Fal was great at pointing out interesting things to them. 20130515-185144.jpg And I'm enjoying myself, which is a bonus, usually I'm sipping out of a polystyrene cup or running after Florence stealing a toy at a soft play centre, or singing and dancing in one of her music classes!!! 20130515-185206.jpg I would recommend this to anyone who has exhausted all fun activities in Brighton. It's not the obvious choice but well worth it. 20130515-185216.jpg Florence only jumped on the Kings bed once and Bela nearly knocked over a masterpiece but apart from that it was fine. 20130515-185242.jpg

Great day out Lots of Thanks Fal and Bela Daisy x