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Daddy's basil vinaigrette


Daddy's basil vinaigrette My Dad taught me this recipe when I was about 14 years old in France. We would go to the local market and get so many gorgeous fresh produce, come home and Dad would get me to peel and wash and he would chop and blend it all up into the most delicious vinaigrette in the world. It was so nice.. We would buy whole artichokes, boil them and use the vinaigrette to dip the leaves in-amazing!!

20130502-204749.jpg Since then whenever I make it I often catch Jon drinking it from the bottle and dipping chunks of bread into it. I am about to let you into our 'family secret recipe' so here it is.....

Basil vinaigrette

Half a cup of olive oil Half a cup of white wine vinegar 2 garlic cloves 1 spoon of mustard 3 tbsp pure honey 1 large bunch of basil stalks and all Pinch of salt and pepper


Method.. Put it all in a blender or use a hand blender like I did. Whizz it up... Have a quick taste, if it tastes a little bitter add more honey or a splash of water


It goes the most incredible creamy green colour.


I use whatever jar or empty oil bottle I have spare, no need to keep it in the fridge, it really won't last that long!

Enjoy Daisy x