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Date with hubby


Date with hubby Chelsea flower show followed by Scalinis

It's not often we get some quality time just for the two of us, don't get me wrong, we love spending time as a family but it is very important for our relationship to plan nice things to do together. So Jon surprised me with tickets to the Chelsea flower show followed by dinner at one of our favourite Italian restaurants 'Scalinis'. I have watched the show over the years and was quite excited. We got the train at 2pm, the show opens at 8am for the die hard gardeners but the weather was not great so we thought we would condense it.

Our good friends were exhibiting so when we arrived we thought we would try and find them first, it took us a good hour because there were so many people there, and it was poring with rain so all the umbrellas in the way meant we spent alot of time looking at the floor.

We stopped off for Pimms on the way there...we needed it! 20130526-121210.jpg We arrived at our friends Garden which was very exciting, it was a two sided garden representing the equator, one side was sandy with palm trees and rocks 20130525-164817.jpg And the other was a lush tropical rainforest, it really stood out from the crowd, and despite the weather had loads of interest from the masses that had turned out. 20130525-164830.jpg Here is their link if you want to see more of their work. 20130525-164843.jpg We also bumped into my bestie and her lovely mummy, we hid in Jack and Robs storage area when the rain really started coming down! 20130525-164928.jpg When we were heading out of the show we past Alan Titchmarsh filming, luckily for him it was undercover! 20130525-164941.jpg My lovely hubby in front of the Laurent Perrier Garden. It was definately one of my favourites-Classic, modern and easy to look after.

We then headed to the nearest pub for a much needed drink (inside! it was now freezing) and thankfully managed to get a cab to take us to dinner at Scalinis The food here is to die for, I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. The guys that own it have waited on us every time we have been and you feel as if you could actually be in Italy because the atmosphere is so buzzy and friendly. 20130525-164954.jpg I loved spending some time with Jon on our own, I am already thinking of what we can do next!

Daisy x