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EASY log – The Baby Whisperer


EASY Log – The Baby Whisperer:  I read a great book whilst pregnant 'Secrets of the baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg' who recommends using an EASY Log to help you get to know your baby’s feeding patterns. Eat, Activity, Sleep and You time. When you have a new baby it’s easy to forget when you gave the last feed, how many nappies you’ve changed and to establish any kind of routine. Although I fed on-demand, I found it helpful to write down the feeds/naps etc to help me establish Oliver’s preferences. I found this book a wonderful guideline as a new Mummy and would highly recommend it and it's definitely my kind of approach as it involves a spreadsheet. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

The baby Whisperer’s less regimented approach to child rearing is based on a baby's personality type and it includes a helpful questionnaire to help you understand which type your baby is. Tracy Hogg has sadly passed away but long may her legacies continue as her method and approach is very mummy friendly. The Baby Whisperer books are available on Amazon. If you would like a copy of a ‘sample’ EASY log just click on 'PRINT ME' – Michelle X