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Eating out with a toddler at Wagamama


Eating out with a toddler at Wagamama: I'll admit we don't eat out that often anymore as Oliver's attention span is so short and bed time is usually 7.30. However, I was determined to make the most of the bank holiday weekend, no matter what, so hubby took us to Wagamama for a nice early dinner on Friday.20130529-202241.jpg When we arrived it was nice and quiet, only a few other tables with slightly older children. The staff were very welcoming & very quickly arrived with crayons and a placemat to colour in. We were given a special children's menu, although we just ordered an extra plate & Oliver shared ours. The service was quick, the staff were very friendly & Oliver was distracted by the children's chopsticks for at least 20 minutes... which meant hubby & I had a nice relaxing dinner.image

It's not the quite the fine dining experience we were used to pre-Oliver but it is fresh, quick, delicious and child friendly which means we get to relax and have a nice meal out with our gorgeous son, which let's be honest is just what you want with a 23 month old.image

I'd highly recommend Wagamama's we visited the Horsham branch but they have many restaurants all over the country - Michelle Ximage

This is the children's menu above...

To find your local Wagamama click the link: