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Free fun with two in Horsham Park


Free fun with two in Horsham Park: On Saturday we had the pleasure of looking after Oliver's friend Jasper and I thought I'd challenge myself to entertain us all for free. With the summer holidays fast approaching & the sunshine hiding away, we knew we would have to keep a close eye on the weather but luckily the rain held off and we set-off to our local park with a picnic & warm coats. Having hubby around to watch the boys whilst I prepared the picnic was a great help, although It was a bit of a shock to the system being in the car en-route at 9.30.Ben with the two boys

On arrival to the park the boys were squealing with excitement & ran happily down the path giggling away. I must admit we couldn't stop laughing either, their happiness really is infectious, we jogged slowly behind them heading for the play park. First stop was the swings...The boys swinging..

Then we hit the slide & activity centre before heading for the sand, four hands were needed for this one so no pictures... but we did get this one!Can you see me

Ducks roamed around freely & despite it being a Saturday the park wasn't too busy.Oliver, Mummy & the ducks

After about an hour the boys were starting to get tired & the sun hid behind some clouds so we headed back towards the car and spotted some benches in a sunny spot so we sat down & shared out the picnic. I kept it simple with cheese sandwiches, cucumber, carrot batons, raisins, cheese squares & breadsticks.Lunch

We were all entertained by a helicopter hovering over close by so the boys were mesmerised & happily ploughed though the picnic.Watching the helicopter

I'm delighted to say the boys played nicely all day and we all had great fun, although I will admit myself & hubby had a cheeky afternoon nap after Jasper was collected by his mum & Oliver was sleeping - Michelle