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Homemade Honeycomb


Homemade Honeycomb: Honeycomb reminds me of my mum, we used to walk for an extra 10 minutes so that mum could buy a bar of honeycomb and we were never allowed to eat it as it was bad for our teeth. I still have visions of mum munching on this huge golden bar on the bus, she will murder me for saying this! I was watching Nigella Express earlier and she made some 'Hokey Pokey'' and it was all I could think about this afternoon, so I just had to make some.image

Ingredients 100g caster Sugar 4 Tablespoons golden Syrup 1 1/2 teaspoons bicarbonate of sodaimage

Method Place the sugar and golden syrup into a saucepan and mix together. You must NOT stir once the pan's on the heatimage

Place the pan on the heat and allow the mixture to gently melt, then turn golden and syrupy and start to bubble, it will turn the colour of maple syrup - this will take approx 3 minutes.image

Take the pan off of the heat and whisk in the bicarbonate of sodaimage The mixture will erupt into a golden bubbly frothimage Using a silicon spatula, scrape the mixture onto a baking tray lined with baking parchmentimage Leave until set and then break up the honeycomb and enjoy!!!image

Another TIP: I did find that the mixture really stuck to the saucepan, so added some washing-up liquid, some water, popped it back on the heat & ran around it with a washing-up brush. It helped loosen the sugar & washed up quite easily

The recipe was very quick and easy, I greedily made a double portion as I knew me and hubby would easily polish off such a small amount. Please don't tell my dentist... Michelle X